Best Budget Travel Destinations

Posted on 15 January 2019 (0)

Choosing travel destinations is usually one of the most challenging tasks in planning trips. However, according to Just10, a great blogger out of Texas, that happens to own On The Rocks Party Halls, it is an essential part of every trip that requires proper thought since it will determine the overall costs of travel as well as the experience. For budget travelers, there are a few picks that you can refer to for inspiration when choosing destinations. Below are some of the best budget travel destinations to consider for your next trip.


This can be a surprise to many people but, Portugal is one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe. Portugal has so much to offer for every traveler including Manueline architecture, sumptuous sea food, wine, stunning beaches and others. Here you can easily find cheap but, good lodgings, private rooms and even apartments. Even the restaurants serve great food at very low prices.


Despite its gruesome history of war, Bosnia is now a peaceful country with stunning sceneries to make your trip amazing. The country is dotted with lush mountains, vineyards, turquoise rivers, waterfalls, museums and several other attractions with both Western and Eastern influences. In cities like Sarajevo and Mostar, you can easily get better accommodations for less than $30. Besides, the food and even sightseeing is also quite cheap.


Cambodia is also a great destination that you can explore without breaking the bank. Besides the prominent temples of Angkor Wat and Koh Rong beaches, Cambodia has several attractions to make your trip memorable. Almost everything here is cheap ranging from hotels, food, transport, sightseeing to drinks. Even in big cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, travelers can easily get en-suite double rooms going for $25 or less.

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are other budget travel destinations also worth checking out when planning your next trip like Romania, Guatemala, Colombia and Sri Lanka. However, you should also do a little more research about these places beforehand in order to determine interesting destinations where your money will go a long way.

Ways to Change the World while Traveling

Posted on 30 September 2019 (0)

Traveling has so much to offer than just the sights and sounds that we experience on the road. It gives you a sense of direction and purpose, challenges your expectations and opens doors to new possibilities. Going on adventures offers a unique kind of experience and understanding that you can hardly achieve when you spend all your life confined in one place. Nevertheless, the following are some of the ways through which you can change the world while traveling.  

Volunteer Initiatives 

Today, there are several organizations that travelers can join as volunteers to help with developing various aspects of the lives of local communities. One of the benefits of joining volunteer networks is that you can travel the world for free. The organizations welcome volunteers with skills in specific areas, as well as, general skills in community activities. 

Volunteer initiatives range from environmental conservation activities, wildlife conservation, teaching jobs and organic farming to several others. Examples of the volunteer organizations that you can link up with to change the world while traveling include Unicef, GoEco and World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming. 

Volunteer initiatives are primarily aimed at building sustainable global communities and, do not involve any monetary rewards. 

Go Local 

Another way through which you can change the world while traveling is by supporting the local enterprises at your travel destination. Even the simple acts of eating at the local restaurants and shopping from the local markets can go a long way in promoting the livelihoods of the locals. Besides, urban adventures can also be a way to promote small businesses in your travel destination. 

Going local offers you the opportunity to freely mingle with the locals, experience their cultures and support them in different ways. Most of the time, you will find that going local also saves you a lot of money when traveling. 

There are many other ways through which you can change the world while traveling. The ones discussed above can give you the best inspiration to start making the world a better place. 

Tips for Traveling with Carry On Only

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Tips for Traveling with Carry On Only

In the past, people used to travel with several heavy bags but, the circumstances have significantly changed today and carry on is the way to go for those that wish to travel light. In fact, traveling with a carry on only is one of the best strategies for saving travel cost, time and ensuring easy movements when on an excursion. Besides, having just a carry-on ensures you do not leave your belongings behind. Below are guidelines on how to enjoy traveling with carry on only.

Choose a Suitable Carry On

Depending on the kind of adventure, duration and your preferences, there are different types of carry on to choose from including backpacks and suitcases. Backpacks are suitable for trips whereby you will physically hold the luggage for longer periods, for example areas with poor roads or hikes. Suitcases are also good and offer more space but, always pick a smaller size with wheels. Nevertheless, keep it minimalistic.

Check If the Airline Allows Personal Items

Most airline carriers today allow passengers to travel with one carry on and personal item at no additional cost. However, they are also some that only allow carry on. If the airline allows both carry on and personal item, it means you have more space to carry various essentials. Regardless of the rules, remember that all carry on and personal items have weight limits that you must not exceed.

Pack Only the Essential Travel items

If you have chosen to travel with carry on only, you must be very precise on what to pack. In terms of clothes, it is advisable to pack outfits that coordinate with each other. The clothes should be those you are comfortable wearing. It is also important to limit your liquids and only carry the ones that you cannot do without. Depending on your destination, there are many items that you can buy on the road.

Traveling with carry on only will save you a lot of stress, time and money but, you should keep the above guidelines in mind to ensure everything goes on as expected.

The Major Risks of Traveling

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The Major Risks of Traveling

Every time you travel, you expose yourself to more risks than when you stay at home. However, the experience that you get from traveling is generally worth the risks. Like a college buddy of mine once said, danger is everywhere, if you come across it, confront it, life is not living, safe in the corner. Having owned many nightclubs in San Antonio Texas, its gave me the fortune to travel and see that the benefits out weigh the risks by far. After all, you can manage the risks of traveling by preparing and having the right mindset.

Here are the major risks of travel that you should know before you go on your next trip:

Theft Risk

When you travel, you expose yourself to the risk of losing your valuables to thieves. You carry important belongings when traveling and staying in different accommodations. That means your valuables can be stolen if you are not careful. To mitigate this risk, be minimalist. Take only the possessions that you will need or use during the trip. Additionally, keep valuables close when you travel to ensure their security.

Violent Crime Risk

This is rare but severe than theft. It happens to travelers that visit developing countries. To mitigate this risk, conduct some research before you travel. Know places where you can face violent crime during your trip. Additionally, if you happen to be unlucky and find yourself in a violent situation, bear in mind the fact that your life is more important than your valuables. Therefore, don’t resist if that’s not the only way out. Nevertheless, you can reduce the risk of violent crime by keeping off problematic locations.

Health Risk

You face the risk of developing health problems when you travel. To mitigate this risk, know your health status before you travel. Also know health problems that you are likely to face when you travel. For instance, be vaccinated against prevalent diseases at your destination before you travel. Your doctor should guide you on the precautions to take when you travel to mitigate health risk.

Basically, these are the major risks that you are likely to face when traveling. Others include transportation risk and boarder control risks. Learn more about the risks of traveling depending on your travel destination and plan accordingly.


International Travel with a Pet

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International Travel with a Pet

Going on an international travel with a pet requires careful research and planning. For instance, you need enough time before the flight to take care of the pet. Therefore, you must start preparing for the trip early.

Get the Necessary Pet Documents

When going on an international travel with pet, the first stop should be the vet’s office. Let the veterinarian know about your planed international trip. Your veterinarian will make sure that your pet meets all requirements specified by your destination country. The vet will also ensure that the health of your pet allows it to travel internationally.

Common requirements for pets when traveling abroad include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Blood tests
  • Identification microchips

It’s important to note that countries and airlines have varying requirements. Therefore, take time to know the specific requirements of your destination country and the airline that you intend to use.

Know How to Fly with a Pet

Take time to conduct some research on flying with a pet. Each airline has rules that govern how passengers travel with pets. For instance, some airlines allow pets to fly in the cargo hold or cabin. It’s important that you find out more about this before you travel. With most airlines, small pets like cats and dogs that fit in special carriers fly under the seat in the cabin area. In that case, you are responsible for your pet during layovers.

Consider the Comfort of Your Pet

Unloading and loading are the most stressful parts of pet travel.

It’s therefore important that you:

  • Get the pet used to the carrier before you travel
  • Choose a flight that has fewer layovers
  • Pick arrival and departure times carefully to avoid extreme cold or heat
  • Consult with the veterinarian
  • Walk the pet before you board the plane

Basically, you should conduct extensive research in advance and focus on ensuring safety and comfort of your pet during an international trip.