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A Guide for Choosing the Best Travel Routers

Posted on 02 September 2020 by admin (0)

The current market is awash with different brands of travel routers. This can make choosing the best travel router a challenge for most people. To purchase the best travel router, consider the following factors. 

Wi-Fi Band and Standard 

Buyers have different Wi-Fi bands to choose from. These bands are measured using hertz. Different bands are covered by 802.11 standards. They include the common 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. The best travel routers cover all bands under their umbrella, including this standard. And, this standard is found almost everywhere. Therefore, check what is covered by the travel router that you want to purchase. Make sure that it covers this standard.  

Battery Power 

Most travel Wi-Fi routers are easy to plug into a wall and function like regular routers. That means the battery shouldn’t worry you. However, frequent travelers can find themselves in hostels, cafes, and other places where portability is important. As such, buying a travel Wi-Fi router whose battery power lasts longer is extremely useful. 

The best travel Wi-Fi routers have a battery life that lasts for days. Some Wi-Fi routers are easy to recharge while others come with disposable batteries. Nevertheless, choose Wi-Fi with a good battery to take care of situations where portability matters. 


Good travel Wi-Fi routers come with at least a USB port and an Ethernet port. This enables their users to hook up their laptops with ease to ensure faster access to the internet. A USB port enables users to plug in flash drives and transfer data within their networks. What’s more, a USB port makes charging different travel gadgets through the portable Wi-Fi router easy. 

Ease of Use

An ideal travel Wi-Fi router should be compatible with different devices. These include PCs and Mac. It’s also easy to plug in and connect to the apartment or hotel internet. Essentially, it enables the user to easily connect to the hotel internet and their devices with ease. 

Travelers have many travel routers to choose from. Follow these tips to choose and buy the best travel Wi-Fi router.