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Business Travel Explained

Posted on 08 February 2018 by admin (0)

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Business travel is perhaps, the oldest form of travel. That’s because according to human history, people traveled due to economic necessities or for religious reasons. Even today, business travel remains the most common form of travel.

High-Travel Jobs

Some of the jobs that involve a lot of traveling include:

  • Sales- Sales is a high-travel occupation. Salespersons travel a lot to meet their customers and prospects.
  • Transportation workers- Bus drivers, truck drivers, ship crews and locomotive engineers travel a lot. These visit many places while working. Workers in the airline industry have amazing travel opportunities.
  • Academia- Workers in the academic industry travel severally. They travel to study, teach and conduct research.
  • Military- Military personnel get opportunities to work abroad. However, this depends on the position and country. For instance, people in the navy travel a lot. When the military travels in uniform, they don’t always go to war. Sometimes they travel to attend mission conferences.

Upsides of Business Travel

When you travel for business purposes you get opportunities to see the world at a low cost. Flight tickets, meals, hotels, and taxis add up to a reasonable amount of money. However, the employer pays for these expenses when you travel for business. This allows you to travel to new locations without incurring hefty expenses.

What’s more, when you go on a business trip for several weeks, you go on a paid trip. And, you get a chance to do what you like in a far away destination. You can also decide to go on a short holiday to a destination of your choice before you return. Thus, you pay a little extra for accommodation and food but not your return ticket.

Additionally, you enjoy new experiences. That’s because business travel is also a form of travel. As such, you encounter new things, new people and new situations when you travel for business. These provide opportunities to learn and situations that might change how you think.

Downsides of Business Travel

To some people, traveling to exotic locales, flying business class, and staying in high-end hotels sounds like an awesome all-expenses-paid vacation. However, this is not always the case. Business travel comes with work-related stresses. These combined with travel hassles can make the experience worse.

Since you work in an unfamiliar environment, you don’t always have the ability to consult your colleagues. You might also not have control over your schedule. There are also cases when you don’t even get time to explore your destination. That means all you get to see are airport walkways and chain hotels.

What’s more, traveling for business more often can impact your relationships negatively. That’s because you may not have the chance to see your significant other or family while traveling. Business travel can also affect your health negatively. When you are constantly traveling, you don’t get time to eat well or practice sport. It also puts you at the risk of infections that your immune system might not handle. Additionally, stress levels rise up especially if you have a bad day at work.

Basically, these are some of the things that you should know about business travel. Nevertheless, you will have a better experience when you plan your business trip carefully. Feel free to check out one of my many website I use to book business and leisure trips by clicking here.