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Cruise Ship Travel Health Guide

Posted on 18 February 2018 by admin (0)

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Cruise Ship Travel Health Guide

One day while having dinner with a friend of mine that owns Garden Nightclub came to the understanding that unexpected illnesses can spoil your cruise travel. However, you can avoid allowing illnesses ruin your cruise vacation by following this cruise ship travel health guide.

For most people, a cruise provides the best way to relax and tour the world. The idea of being surrounded by nice-looking blue ocean, having events and activities planned for you, and enjoying an unlimited supply of drinks and foods is imply amazing. Even better is the idea of visiting multiple destinations or countries.

But though cruise ship travel has many pleasures, it comes with risks of health hazards. It’s therefore important to be informed and prepare for these hazards to ensure your health and safety during a cruise vacation.


It’s important that you get the right vaccines before you go on a cruise vacation. Among the most important vaccines to get include measles, seasonal flu, and varicella. These vaccines are very important because travelers and crew members come from destinations where such diseases are common. In some countries, vaccination is generally not a routine. As such, it’s possible for rubella or chickenpox outbreak to happen on a cruise ship. To ensure your safety be vaccinated for these diseases before you go on a cruise vacation.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Diarrhea and vomiting outbreaks are common in cruise ships. Norovirus is the primary cause of this problem. To ensure that you are not a victim of this problem, use water and soap to wash your hands frequently. Most importantly, wash hands whenever you use the bathroom and before eating. Also wash hands when you touch things touched by other people like stair railings or change diapers. Additionally, eat hot food and drink beverages in sealed containers during on shore excursions.

Other Concerns

Respiratory illnesses are also very common on cruise ships. However, you can avoid them by washing your hands frequently. Nevertheless, a flu shot will protect you from flu. Your doctor will also tell you the medicine to carry and use in case of seasickness.

If you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, watch your health keenly during cruise ship travel. That’s because stressors that are associated with cruise ship travel such as climate changes, diet changes, and changes in activity and sleep patterns tend to worsen chronic illnesses. Nevertheless, you can deal with this problem by carrying enough medicine for your chronic illness.

Finally, make sure that you have comprehensive travel health and evacuation insurance. This will enable you to get emergency assistance in case the unexpected happens.