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International Travel with a Pet

Posted on 08 March 2018 by admin (0)

International Travel with a Pet

Going on an international travel with a pet requires careful research and planning. For instance, you need enough time before the flight to take care of the pet. Therefore, you must start preparing for the trip early.

Get the Necessary Pet Documents

When going on an international travel with pet, the first stop should be the vet’s office. Let the veterinarian know about your planed international trip. Your veterinarian will make sure that your pet meets all requirements specified by your destination country. The vet will also ensure that the health of your pet allows it to travel internationally.

Common requirements for pets when traveling abroad include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Blood tests
  • Identification microchips

It’s important to note that countries and airlines have varying requirements. Therefore, take time to know the specific requirements of your destination country and the airline that you intend to use.

Know How to Fly with a Pet

Take time to conduct some research on flying with a pet. Each airline has rules that govern how passengers travel with pets. For instance, some airlines allow pets to fly in the cargo hold or cabin. It’s important that you find out more about this before you travel. With most airlines, small pets like cats and dogs that fit in special carriers fly under the seat in the cabin area. In that case, you are responsible for your pet during layovers.

Consider the Comfort of Your Pet

Unloading and loading are the most stressful parts of pet travel.

It’s therefore important that you:

  • Get the pet used to the carrier before you travel
  • Choose a flight that has fewer layovers
  • Pick arrival and departure times carefully to avoid extreme cold or heat
  • Consult with the veterinarian
  • Walk the pet before you board the plane

Basically, you should conduct extensive research in advance and focus on ensuring safety and comfort of your pet during an international trip.